Provincial Grand Lodge of Mark Master Masons of Surrey
Provincial Honours 2017

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  • First Appointments To Past Rank
  • RAM Grand Rank
Provincial Grand Name Rank Lodge

Senior Warden T J Sadler PAGDC Pleydell Bouverie 955
Junior Warden D J Wills PAGDC Warlingham 1321
Master Overseer S R Hicks PProvGSwdB Woodgrange 1111
Senior Overseer J N Turner PProvGSD Manor of Bensham 1167
Junior Overseer M A Prentice PProvGJD Curfew 1411
Chaplain L M Keats PGJD Rose 534
Treasurer G R Best   Camberley 1131
Registrar J S C Woodville ProvGSD Richmond 808
Secretary T Ford ProvGReg Oak Tree 1839
Director of Ceremonies R J Knox PGSD Welcome 1237
Almoner J T Coleman PAGDC Percy 114
Charity Steward S R Jones PProvGSD Noel 505
Inspector of Works D P Barden ProvGInspWks Redhill 1285
Sword Bearer G J Cranefield PProvAGDC H A Mann 1197
Deputy Grand Chaplain J Fleetwood PGJD Richmond 808
Deputy Grand Secretary T Carpenter, JP PGJD Kintore 333
Deputy Grand DC R C G Baker ProvGSwdB Pride of Surrey 1738
Senior Deacon O Richards PProvGStB Croydon 198
Senior Deacon J Penfold PProvGStwd Kintore 333
Senior Deacon A T Connor PProvGIG Camberley 1131
Junior Deacon R D Downing PProvAGDC Kintore 333
Junior Deacon H M C George   Pleydell Bouverie 955
Junior Deacon J E Enscoe   H A Mann 1197
Asst Grand Secretary B G Cotton
PProvGJD Manor of Bensham 1167
Asst Grand Charity Steward E F Mulqueen PProvGStwd Table Fellowship 1841
Asst Grand DC J A Ward ProvAGDC St Andrews 806
Asst Grand DC M S Guzam PProvGStwd Percy 114
Asst Grand DC M Donovan PProvGStwd Noel 505
Asst Grand DC J N Hill PProvGStwd Richmond 808
Organist R A Soper   Manor of Bensham 1167
Standard Bearer G E Chipps (R.I.P.)   Northern Heights 989
Asst G St B C J Wates   Pride of Surrey 1738
Inner Guard R W Hickey   Rose 534
Steward B J Greenwood  ProvGStwd Curfew 1411
Steward S J C Guzy  ProvGStwd Collingwood 1669
Steward G E Raggett  ProvGStwd Collingwood 1669
Steward C P J Newman  ProvGStwd Cranleigh Centenary 1917
Tyler S G Harvey PProvGSD Warlingham 1321
P Prov Grand Name Rank Lodge

Junior Warden I C Jewell, BEM (R.I.P.) PProvGSO Percy 114
Junior Warden A Gosling PProvGSO Weyside 442
Junior Warden S Williams PProvGJO Noel 505
Junior Warden W Fuller PProvGMO Stoneleigh 995
Junior Warden D G S Lawrence PProvGJO Weald of Surrey 1314
Junior Warden D A Baker PProvGMO Addiscombe 1320
Junior Warden P S Unwin GStwd Warlingham 1321
Junior Warden J N Johnston PAGDC Comites Sigillorum 1352
Junior Warden J A Rothwell PProvGMO Frederick Wheeler 1407
Master Overseer M F Millership PProvGJO Northern Heights 989
Master Overseer D P Barden ProvGInspWks Redhill 1285
Master Overseer B H Edwards PProvGSD Comites Sigillorum 1352
Senior Overseer D W Owen PProvGSwdB Welcome 1237
Junior Overseer B S Selway PProvGJD St Andrews 806
Junior Overseer J L Stewart PProvGSwdB Northern Heights 989
Junior Overseer A E Dumpleton PProvGSD Sanderstead 1742
Inspector of Works M D Ellis PProvAGDC Noel 505
Senior Deacon P M Patel PProvGStB Comites Sigillorum 1352
Past Prov Grand Name Lodge

Inspector of Works T A Rains Pleydell Bouverie 955
Inspector of Works P P Crossan Frederick Wheeler 1407
Junior Deacon J E Flint Weald of Surrey 1314
Junior Deacon J E Marsh Warlingham 1321
Name Lodge

A J Callister Percy 114
J Sivill (R.I.P.) Weyside 442
R W Hickey Rose 534
R C V Backett St Andrews 806
G A Brook Richmond 808
C J Clark Pleydell Bouverie 955
B G Johnston, MVO Stoneleigh 995
P J Turner Woodrange 1111
A Brockwell Manor of Bensham 1167
S McCarthy Welcome 1237
J E Flint Weald of Surrey 1314
W J Frewin Dorking 1356
M Flynn Lingfield 1419
A R Perry Collingwood 1669
R J Toomey Sanderstead 1742
G C Phillips Oak Tree 1839